How to Modify Or Cancel Your AIIMS Online Appointment

There was a time in India when people used to stand in a queue outside government hospitals, waiting for their turn to get their basic checkup done. Many of the people would travel miles to just see if there were any appointments available on some days. AIIMS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is one of the most prestigious institutions when it comes to a medical college and a hospital.

It has been treating patients over the years. The excellent set of doctors and staff treat not only the poor and the needy but all kind of special cases all over the country. Getting a doctor appointment at AIIMS is a tough procedure as the waiting line is unending and the patients are in millions. Hence, the hospital has come up with online appointment registration at AIIMS.

You can get your online appointment at AIIMS through its official website. Once you get your appointment and your checkup done, you can always go online and check your reports and laboratory tests. You can also go for modifying or canceling your online appointment at AIIMS. Let us see exactly how.

  • Checking reports online: You need to go to the online website of AIIMS. You will find a “view my reports” option. Click on it and select your hospital and enter your UHID. You will receive an OTP on your mobile phone for cross verification. Once you successfully verify yourself, you will be able to view your report. You can also take out a printout if you want to. This is a very helpful option as you can access your reports anytime from any corner of the world. You won’t have the fear of misplacing it somewhere, or it won’t get ruined. Even if it does, you will always have a soft copy on the website.
  • Canceled booked appointment at AIIMS: It might always be the case that you don’t want to visit the doctor anymore or you want to reschedule your appointment. In such a case, you can always go to the online website of AIIMS, go to the “view or cancel an online appointment at AIIMS” option and enter your UHID. Enter the captcha code in order to continue. You can also enter your Aadhaar number, get it verified with the OTP and continue. You can cancel your appointment here. Besides this, when you get your confirmation mail, there will be a number given for your cancellation of online appointment at AIIMS that is 011-65900669. Call on this number, give your ID and get your appointment canceled.

AIIMS is always at your service. There is a list of contact numbers and website links for your guidance and help:

  1. The AIIMS Online Appointment Contact Helpline: 011 26589999
  2. The AIIMS Online Appointment Customer Care Helpline: 011 65900669
  3. The AIIMS Delhi Address: All India Institute of Medical Sciences Gautam Nagar, Ansari Nagar East, New Delhi, Delhi 110029.

In case you have any doubts, you can call on these numbers and get immediate help regarding online registrations of appointment at AIIMS.