How to Book Online Appointment at AIIMS With Aadhaar card

When we talk of hospitals in India, the one name that comes up is AIIMS. AIIMS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences is the no doubt the best medical college and hospital in India. AIIMS has opened in a lot of cities now and is known for its extraordinary medical services for people of all classes and places. Since AIIMS never says no to anyone, it gets a bit difficult to get an appointment. Hence, the idea of an online appointment system at AIIMS has brought about relief in the country. Let us take a look at how you can get yourself an online appointment at AIIMS.

Online appointment at AIIMS:

If you go to the online website of AIIMS, you would see that there are three main options.

  • Online appointment at AIIMS for new patients (with and without Aadhaar card)
  • Online appointment at AIIMS for existing patients
  • Online appointment at AIIMS for changing dates, rescheduling or canceling the appointment.

(1) Online appointment at AIIMS for new patients:

To get your online registration for an online appointment at AIIMS, you first need to click on the “new patients without UHID number” option. This option is for people who have not been to AIIMS for the checkup earlier. For an appointment, you will be asked for your Aadhaar card number. Once you enter it, there will be a two-step verification process that includes the OTP and phone number verification. Once you are done with that, you get to choose the state, the hospital, and the department. You will be sent to a calendar where you will be shown all the available dates. You can choose accordingly. Finally, pay an Rs. 10 online and you will get your appointment slip with your unique UHID on it.

In case you don’t have an Aadhaar card, you can get yourself registered through your mobile number as well. Just go to the “don’t have Aadhaar card” option and get it done with your phone number. You will get a confirmation message with the appointment date and the doctor’s name on your phone.

(2) Online appointment at AIIMS for existing patients:

It is easier if you are an existing patient. You can go to the “existing patient with UHID” and use the captcha code for the continuation. Then go for a similar process where you need to choose your doctor, department, and date. You will get to choose from the calendar once again. The confirmation message will be sent to your phone.

(3) Modify your appointment:

Besides the above two, you can also enter with your UHID and captcha code for canceling or rescheduling your appointment. However, the rescheduling completely depends on the availability of your doctor. You can also view your laboratory reports online.

The whole process of AIIMS OPD online registration has saved a lot of people from the unnecessary hassle and unrequired expenses. Now you can just sit at home and book your appointment. The AIIMS online appointment website is at your service 24*7 all over the year.